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RFx processes are critical for making informed, effective decisions. Yet, they often present challenges to businesses needing more time, resources, or expertise to manage them efficiently — Nimble bridges this gap, offering real innovation for everyday challenges.

Our independent and non-biased RFx service is a valuable resource for contingent workforce leaders and buyers of services and technology solutions.

Our approach simplifies and streamlines the traditional RFx process.




RFI - Request for Information

This is the first step, intended to educate by gathering general information about the capabilities of various vendors. Our team leverages its industry knowledge to ask the right questions, ensuring that all crucial information is obtained.


RFQ - Request for Quote

This process quantifies the costs involved. We help clients interpret and compare quotes, considering hidden costs and long-term financial implications.


RFP - Request for Proposal

This step allows us to compare the different solutions available on the market. Our team aids in crafting a clear, comprehensive RFP and evaluating responses, ensuring you choose the vendor best suited to your needs.


RFS - Request for Solutions

We encourage innovation in this final stage. We help articulate unique business challenges and invite creative, practical solutions from potential vendors.

By managing and guiding these processes, Nimble minimises the hassle and maximises efficiency. But we don't stop at process management – we also help evaluate responses, negotiate with vendors, and make the final selection. Our assistance lets clients make informed decisions that lead to successful, cost-effective solutions.

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