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Sector: Information Technology

Case Study: Guiding a Successful Implementation of a GEN2 MSP

Introduction: Our client, an IT company looking to enhance its competitive edge, recognised the need for change and selected a new MSP to improve its workforce management processes. This case study showcases how our expertise in Managed Service Provider (MSP) implementation and extensive experience in the Information Technology (IT) sector enabled a seamless transition from a first-generation (GEN1) MSP to a second-generation (GEN2) MSP. Our role involved providing guidance and best practices for project management, supplier onboarding, program process engineering, and governance. This case study highlights the achievement of project objectives, including 100% supplier adoption and an on-time program go-live.

Client Objectives:

  • The transition from a GEN1 MSP to a GEN2 MSP with advanced capabilities, including implementing a VMS.

  • Ensure 100% supplier adoption to streamline the supplier onboarding process and maximise program effectiveness.

  • Achieve an on-time program go-live, minimising disruption to operations.

  • Benefit from our expertise and best practices in program process engineering, project management, and governance.


Our Approach:

  • Project Management: We applied our expertise in project management to develop a comprehensive implementation plan, ensuring all necessary tasks and milestones were identified, assigned, and tracked throughout the implementation process. This approach enabled effective coordination and communication between all stakeholders.

  • Supplier Onboarding: Leveraging our experience in supplier management, we provided best practices for onboarding suppliers to the new GEN2 MSP. Our guidance helped streamline the onboarding process, ensuring 100% supplier adoption and minimising potential disruptions.

  • Program Process Engineering: We thoroughly assessed the client's existing program processes and identified areas for improvement. Our team provided recommendations and best practices to enhance efficiency, streamline workflows, and optimise program outcomes.

  • Governance: Recognizing the importance of effective governance, we guided the client in establishing a robust governance framework. This included defining roles and responsibilities, establishing performance metrics and reporting mechanisms, and ensuring alignment with program and enterprise objectives.

Results: Through our guidance and expertise, the client achieved the following outcomes:

  • Successful Transition to GEN2 MSP: The implementation of the GEN2 MSP, including the integration of a VMS, was executed smoothly and by the project plan. This transition allowed the client to leverage advanced capabilities and improve their workforce management processes.

  • 100% Supplier Adoption: Our best practices for supplier onboarding resulted in 100% supplier adoption, ensuring a seamless transition and minimising any disruptions to the program. This allowed the client to manage supplier relationships, improve internal customer satisfaction, and optimise program outcomes effectively.

  • On-Time Program Go-Live: The implementation was completed on schedule, enabling the client to quickly realise the benefits of the new GEN2 MSP. This minimised disruption to their operations and ensured a smooth transition.

  • Process Efficiency and Optimisation: Our recommendations for program process engineering led to improved efficiency, streamlined workflows, and optimised program outcomes. The client benefited from enhanced productivity and cost savings.

Conclusion: This case study highlights our successful guidance in transitioning a client from a GEN1 MSP to a GEN2 MSP in the IT sector. We ensured a seamless implementation and delivered tangible results by providing expertise in project management, supplier onboarding, program process engineering, and governance.


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