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Sector: Private Education with 2000+ Annual Hires

Case Study: Streamlining ATS Selection Process for an Education Institution

Introduction: Our client, a prominent private educational institution, had a substantial hiring need, with over 2000 hires made annually, and faced challenges with their existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provided by a globally recognised brand. Dissatisfied with the poor customer service and recognising that brand recognition does not guarantee quality, the client sought our assistance in selecting a new ATS partner. This case study outlines how we addressed their concerns, facilitated the selection process, and met the client's front and middle-office requirements.


Client Objectives:

  • Identify an ATS partner that offers superior customer service and support.

  • Document the front and middle-office requirements to inform the selection process.

  • Avoid overbuying unnecessary functionality by sourcing potential technology partners using clear guidelines.

  • Evaluate a mix of established ATS brands and innovative newcomers to the market.

  • Ensure an objective and logical decision-making process involving a third-party perspective.


Our Approach:

  • Requirements Documentation: We thoroughly investigated the client's concerns and carefully documented their front and middle-office requirements. This process involved close collaboration with the client to understand their needs comprehensively.

  • Sourcing Potential Partners: We identified potential ATS partners aligned with the client's needs using the documented requirements as guidelines. We focused on selecting partners with excellent customer service, responsiveness, and innovative features.

  • Demo Presentations: Each shortlisted ATS provider was allowed to provide a demo of their system. Our team assessed the demos based on the client's requirements and evaluated the ATS functionality, user interface, and overall user experience.

  • RFP Issuance: A select group of leading ATS brands and some emerging players known for their agility and innovation were invited to participate in the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. The RFP included specific criteria and expectations outlined by the client.

  • Decision-Making Process: We presented the client with a vetted shortlist of ATS providers based on their demos and suitability. A second round of demos was scheduled, allowing the client to actively participate in evaluating the systems. Our team acted as an objective third-party perspective to guide the final decision-making.


Results: Through our collaborative efforts and structured approach, the client achieved the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced Customer Service: The client successfully transitioned from their previous ATS provider and now works with a partner known for superior customer service and support.

  • Aligned Functionality: By clearly documenting the client's requirements and involving them in the selection process, we ensured that the chosen ATS met their front and middle-office needs without unnecessary functionalities.

  • Innovative Solution: The selected ATS partner, including both established brands and innovative newcomers, offered cutting-edge features and demonstrated agility in adapting to evolving recruitment needs.

  • Objective Decision-Making: Our involvement as a third-party perspective helped the client make an informed and objective decision, free from biases or preconceptions.

Conclusion: This case study highlights how we supported our client, a private educational institution, in their journey to select a new ATS partner. We ensured that the client found an ATS solution aligned with their needs and priorities by addressing their concerns, documenting requirements, sourcing potential partners, and facilitating an objective decision-making process.


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