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Case Study: Guiding an MSP Expansion into the UK Market

Introduction: This case study showcases how our consulting services facilitated the successful expansion of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) operating solely in the USA into the UK market. The MSP, a second-generation (GEN2) provider, secured a significant opportunity by replacing an existing MSP. However, their lack of experience in the UK market posed a challenge as the client required services in the UK. Realising the need for expert guidance, the MSP sought our consultancy services to ensure a seamless transition and compliance with local regulations. This case study highlights our role in guiding the MSP through the implementation and transition process, including addressing potential legal challenges and providing ongoing support.

Client Objectives:

  • Expand into the UK market and successfully provide services to their Fortune 100 client.

  • Navigate the complexities of the UK MSP market and comply with local labour legislation.

  • Mitigate potential legal setbacks and ensure a smooth transition for the employees of the previous MSP (GEN1).

  • Receive ongoing consulting and team development support for their UK operations.

Our Approach:

  • Market Guidance: Our consultants provided comprehensive insights into the UK MSP market, including market dynamics, competitive landscape, and industry best practices. This guidance allowed the MSP to understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the UK market.

  • Labour Legislation Compliance: We facilitated a thorough understanding of UK labour legislation requirements, including the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) regulations (TUPE). Our consultants ensured the MSP knew their responsibilities and obligations concerning the transition employees inherited from the GEN1 MSP.

  • Implementation Support: We provided operational support during the implementation and transition phases. This involved assisting with the design and execution of training programs to ensure the MSP's staff in the UK were equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver high-quality services.

  • Ongoing Consulting and Team Development: Recognising the importance of continuous improvement, we continue to support the MSP by providing ongoing consulting services. Our team assists in optimising their UK operations, refining processes, and developing their workforce's skills.

Results: Through our guidance and support, the MSP achieved the following outcomes:

  • Compliance with UK Labour Legislation: The MSP, previously unaware of the TUPE regulations, successfully navigated the legal requirements associated with the transition of employees from the GEN1 MSP. This ensured compliance and minimised the risk of legal setbacks.

  • Smooth Implementation and Transition: The implementation and transition phase was executed successfully, enabling the MSP to seamlessly take over the services for their Fortune 100 client in the UK market.

  • Ongoing Consulting Support: Our continued consulting services have allowed the MSP to refine their operations, improve efficiency, and enhance their team's capabilities. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that the MSP remains competitive in the UK market.


Conclusion: This case study highlights our role in guiding an MSP's expansion into the UK market. By providing market guidance, facilitating labour legislation compliance, supporting implementation, and delivering ongoing consulting services, we enabled the MSP to navigate the complexities of the UK market and achieve compliance and operational success.


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