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RFP Services: Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Nimble Global

Nimble Global



Our client, a prominent private educational institution, had a substantial hiring need, with over 2000 hires made annually, and faced challenges with their existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provided by a globally recognised brand. Dissatisfied with the poor customer service and recognizing that brand recognition does not guarantee quality, the client sought our assistance in selecting a new ATS partner. This case study outlines how we addressed their concerns, facilitated the selection process, and met the client's front and middle-office requirements.


  • Identify an ATS partner that delivers superior customer service and support.

  • Document the front and middle-office requirements to inform the selection process.

  • Avoid overbuying unnecessary functionality.

  • Evaluate a mix of established ATS brands and innovative newcomers to the market.

  • Ensure an objective and logical decision-making process involving a third-party perspective.


  • Requirements Documentation: We thoroughly investigated the client's concerns and documented their front and middle-office requirements.

  • Sourcing Potential Partners: We identified potential partners using the documented requirements.

  • Demo Presentations: Each shortlisted ATS provider  provided a system demo.

  • Decision-Making Process: We presented a vetted shortlist based on demos and suitability. A second round of demos enabled the client to actively participate in evaluating the systems. Our team acted as an objective third-party perspective to guide the final decision-making.


  • Enhanced Customer Service: The client now works with a partner known for superior customer service and support.

  • Aligned Functionality: The selected ATS met their front and middle-office needs without unnecessary functionalities.

  • Innovative Solution: The selected ATS partner offered cutting-edge features and demonstrated agility in adapting to evolving recruitment needs.

  • Objective Decision-Making: Our involvement as a third-party perspective helped the client make an informed and objective decision, free from biases or preconceptions.

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