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Nimble understands the weight and complexity of compliance in today's rapidly evolving legal and regulatory environment. It's not just about adhering to rules; it's about integrating compliance into your business strategy and daily operations, particularly within your contingent workforce management and talent acquisition ecosystem.

Our team of experts provides unbiased consulting and

 third-party auditing services that go beyond surface-level checks. We thoroughly examine your systems, processes, and partnerships to ensure adherence to pricing standards, business insurance requirements, jurisdictional labor laws, and other critical program policies.





Country | Jurisdiction

Our first step involves a comprehensive analysis of the country and jurisdiction-specific requirements.

We conduct an in-depth assessment of the regulatory landscape, including local laws, compliance standards, and industry-specific mandates. This process ensures that our compliance solutions are tailored to meet the unique legal and regulatory obligations of each location where our clients operate. By understanding the nuances of each jurisdiction, we can proactively address potential compliance risks and provide customized guidance that aligns with local regulations, facilitating seamless integration and operational efficiency.

Strategic Partner Service Agreements

We meticulously evaluate strategic partner service agreements to fortify compliance efforts.


This involves scrutinizing existing contracts and collaborating with partners to meet compliance requirements. Our approach includes reviewing and outlining compliance responsibilities and expectations. By fostering transparent and robust partnerships, we ensure that all parties are committed to upholding the highest standards of regulatory adherence. This strategic alignment mitigates compliance risks and enhances operational synergy and stakeholder accountability.

Industry Sector

Our industry sector analysis is pivotal in customizing compliance strategies.


We delve into industry-specific regulations, standards, and best practices to tailor our compliance solutions. This involves benchmarking against industry norms and understanding sectoral challenges and opportunities. By aligning our compliance framework with industry standards, we help clients navigate complex regulatory landscapes, ensuring they meet all pertinent requirements. This targeted approach not only safeguards against sector-specific risks but also positions our clients as leaders in compliance within their industry,

enhancing their reputation and operational integrity.

Suppliers | Vendors

We implement rigorous compliance vetting and monitoring processes in managing suppliers and vendors.


This includes completing thorough due diligence to ensure they meet your stringent compliance criteria.

We assess their adherence to regulatory requirements, ethical standards, and performance metrics. Maintaining an updated database of compliant suppliers mitigates supply chain disruptions and non-compliance risks. Additionally, we foster ongoing communication and collaboration to improve compliance practices continuously, ensuring a resilient and compliant supply chain ecosystem.


Our worker compliance strategy ensures that all workforce-related activities comply with enterprise policies, business rules, and relevant labor laws and regulations.


This involves categorizing workers correctly, verifying credentials, and ensuring fair labor practices. We implement robust onboarding and offboarding processes, conduct regular training sessions on compliance policies, and provide dynamic dashboards for real-time monitoring of worker compliance metrics. By prioritizing worker compliance, we protect our clients from legal repercussions and promote a culture of fairness, safety, and respect within the workplace,

leading to improved employee satisfaction and productivity.


Data Privacy

Navigating data privacy regulations is paramount in today’s digital landscape.

We specialize in ensuring compliance with critical data protection laws such as the

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other jurisdiction-specific privacy mandates.

Our approach includes conducting thorough audits of your data handling practices, implementing

robust data protection policies, and ensuring transparent data processing activities.


By aligning your operations with the highest data privacy standards, we help safeguard your organization against potential breaches and penalties while fostering trust among your clients and stakeholders.


Worker Classification

Proper worker classification is crucial to avoid legal pitfalls and ensure fair treatment of your workforce.

We provide comprehensive support in classifying workers correctly according to applicable laws and regulations, including the UK IR35 legislation and EU Agency Workers Regulations (AWR).


Our services include detailed assessments of worker roles, contractual arrangements,

and employment practices. Ensuring accurate classification, we help you mitigate

misclassification risks, which can lead to significant financial and legal consequences.


Our expertise ensures that your workforce management practices are compliant, transparent, and equitable.

Labor Law & Legislation

Staying compliant with evolving labor laws and legislation is a continuous challenge.


We offer expert guidance on navigating complex labor regulations, ensuring your operations

adhere to national and international labor laws. This includes compliance with employment standards,

wage and hour laws, health and safety regulations, and anti-discrimination statutes.


Our proactive approach involves regular updates on legislative changes, risk assessments,

and developing compliant HR policies and practices. By partnering with us, you ensure

your organization complies with all relevant labor laws,

minimizing risk and enhancing operational integrity.


We conduct thorough audits of your internal operations, supply chain, and service and technology partners, including your Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS). Our goal is to identify compliance gaps and provide actionable solutions. Our audit services are NIMBLE,

allowing us to integrate with your team and provide additional resources seamlessly

to ensure comprehensive compliance support when needed.

On/Off Boarding Requirements

Our audit services ensure that your processes for integrating and disengaging employees and contractors comply with relevant regulations and best practices regarding on/off-boarding requirements.


We meticulously review your onboarding protocols, including background checks, contract agreements, and initial training programs, to ensure they meet legal standards and organizational policies. Similarly, we scrutinize your offboarding procedures to verify that they include necessary steps such as exit interviews,

the return of company property, and the secure handling of sensitive data.

By auditing these processes, we help you create a seamless and compliant transition for your workforce, reducing potential risks and enhancing overall efficiency.

Supplier | Vendor Contract

Our audits of supplier and vendor contracts focus on ensuring that all agreements align with compliance requirements and reflect best practices.


We examine the terms and conditions of these contracts to identify any discrepancies or compliance gaps

that could pose risks to your organization. This includes assessing clauses related to confidentiality,

data protection, service levels, and compliance with labor and environmental laws.


By providing detailed insights and recommendations, we help you strengthen your contractual agreements, ensuring that they are robust, clear, and enforceable.


This minimizes legal risks and fosters strong, compliant partnerships.

Supplier | Vendor Insurance

Ensuring that your suppliers and vendors have adequate insurance coverage

is often overlooked and is critical to risk management.


Our audit services include a thorough review of your third-party partners' Certificate of Insurance (COI).


We verify that the COI provides sufficient coverage for potential risks and complies with industry standards and contractual obligations. This includes evaluating the types of coverage, policy limits, and exclusions.


By identifying any gaps in insurance coverage, we help you mitigate potential liabilities and ensure that your suppliers and vendors can adequately protect against unforeseen events,

thus safeguarding your organization’s and customers' interests.

Corrective Action Request (CAR)

A Corrective Action Request (CAR) is a formal process for addressing and rectifying non-compliance or operational deficiencies within an organization or its supply chain.


The process involves systematically identifying issues, documenting them thoroughly, and implementing corrective measures to prevent recurrence. This is crucial for maintaining high quality, safety,

and regulatory compliance standards.

We undertake CAR audits to ensure your organization effectively manages compliance issues and non-conformities. This involves evaluating the timeliness and appropriateness of corrective actions taken in response to identified problems and the mechanisms in place for tracking

and verifying the implementation of these actions.

By providing actionable recommendations, we help you strengthen your CAR processes, making them efficient, transparent, and capable of driving continuous improvement in compliance practices.

Additionally, we provide the option to draft and process supplier and customer contract amendments and addendums to align with the agreements reached during the CAR process, ensuring that all parties are committed to upholding the corrective measures. This comprehensive approach addresses immediate compliance gaps and fosters a culture of proactive risk management and continuous improvement,

enhancing your operations' overall integrity and reliability.


Our commitment to your compliance doesn't stop at identifying current issues. We leverage our advanced analytics capabilities and foresight to empower you to address compliance concerns before they become problems. This proactive approach ensures that your compliance strategy remains

robust and adaptive to emerging trends and regulations.

Dynamic Dashboards

Dynamic dashboards are a cornerstone of our advanced analytics services, providing real-time, interactive visualizations of crucial compliance metrics.


These dashboards enable you to monitor the compliance audit performance across various dimensions, such as regulatory adherence, supplier performance, and workforce compliance, at a glance. By offering customizable views and drill-down capabilities, our dynamic dashboards empower you to quickly identify trends, spot potential issues, and make data-driven decisions.


This real-time insight enhances your ability to manage compliance proactively

and respond swiftly to emerging risks.

Reporting & Executive Communications 

Our reporting services deliver comprehensive and tailored compliance reports for different organizational levels, from operational teams to executive leadership.


These reports synthesize complex compliance data into clear, actionable insights, highlighting critical areas

that require attention and improvement. Executive reports provide a high-level overview of compliance status and risks, supporting strategic decision-making and governance. Ensuring the correct information reaches the right stakeholders on time, we help you maintain robust oversight and accountability

within your compliance framework.

Risk Assessments

Effective risk management begins with thorough risk assessments.


We employ advanced analytics to evaluate your organization's exposure to various compliance risks, considering regulatory changes, operational vulnerabilities, and industry-specific threats.


Our risk assessment process involves identifying potential risks, quantifying their impact, and prioritizing them based on their likelihood and severity. This systematic approach enables you to allocate resources efficiently, implement targeted risk mitigation strategies, and enhance your overall risk resilience.


By continuously monitoring and updating these assessments, we ensure you remain prepared

for current and emerging compliance challenges.


Labor Law & Legislation Updates

Staying current with labor laws and legislative changes is crucial for maintaining compliance.


Our feedback and iteration process includes regular updates on relevant labor laws and regulations.

We monitor changes in legislation across jurisdictions and assess their impact on your operations. This proactive approach ensures that compliance practices align with the latest legal requirements.

By providing timely updates and actionable insights, we help you adapt to new regulations swiftly,

minimizing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

Supplier & Worker Surveys

Gaining insights from suppliers and workers is essential for continuous improvement in compliance practices.


We conduct comprehensive surveys to gather feedback from your suppliers and workers on various aspects of your compliance programs. These surveys cover topics such as adherence to regulations, satisfaction with compliance processes, and suggestions for improvement.


By analyzing this feedback, we identify strengths and areas for enhancement, enabling you to make informed decisions and implement effective changes. This iterative process fosters a culture of transparency and collaboration, ensuring that your compliance strategies are both effective and responsive

to the needs of all stakeholders.

In the complex world of compliance, what you don't know can be detrimental.

Trust us to ensure that your contingent workforce ecosystem is compliant

and optimized for sustainable success.

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