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Independent Contractor Compliance

Nimble Global

Nimble Global

Case Study


Nimble was approached by a leading global entertainment company, distinguished by its vast network of hundreds of creatives and independent contractors (ICs). It faced a significant challenge: the lack of a standardized process for managing and compensating its IC talent pool. This absence of structure hindered talent optimization and exposed the company to significant compliance and legal risks. With labor laws evolving worldwide, the lack of a unified strategy left the organization vulnerable to legal issues, including underpayment, misclassification, and other labor law violations. This scenario underscored the urgent need for a robust and adaptable compliance strategy.

This case study highlights the crucial roles of transparency and legal compliance within the IC and creative economies. It demonstrates the company’s dedication to creating a fair and compliant working environment for all its ICs, establishing a new benchmark for ethical and lawful business practices in the global entertainment industry, and creating a happy company culture!


  • Substantial Tax Risk

  • Zero Visibility – Contractors and Spend

  • Multi-Department Stakeholders

  • Manual On/Off-boarding Processes

  • Manual Billing/Payment Processes

  • Unhappy Users – Managers, Contractors, and Back-office Support Functions


  • One Compliant SOP

  • Digital Technology

  • Data Security / GDPR

  • E-Contracts

  • Dynamic Reporting

  • Improve User Experience


  • International Tech-enabled Process

  • Compliant Engagements

  • 100% Visibility | Dynamic Reporting

  • Double-digit Reduced Costs

  • Reduced Admin Tasks

  • Happy User Experience!

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