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Managed Service Provider (MSP) GEN2 International Implementation

Nimble Global

Nimble Global



Our client, a forward-thinking global Information Technology (IT) firm, recognized the necessity for innovative solutions to stay ahead in the competitive market. They identified a pivotal need for change in their workforce management processes and decided to transition from a first-generation (GEN1) Managed Service Provider (MSP) to a new (GEN2) MSP. Our team's expertise led to a successful implementation that met all project objectives across 22 countries, achieved 96% supplier engagement, and adhered strictly to the planned timeline for going live.


  • Transition to a GEN2 MSP: Smoothly transition to a GEN2 MSP, integrating advanced features and a Vendor Management System (VMS) to ensure full supplier engagement and streamline program efficiency.

  • Maximize Program Effectiveness: Leverage our MSP expertise in process engineering, project management, and governance to ensure timely program activation with minimal operational disruption, maximizing program effectiveness and strategic benefit.


  • Project Management Best Practices: Back to the basics - PM 101! We employed Prince2 methodologies to develop a comprehensive project management plan, including risk mitigation and clear communications ensuring precise task and milestone management.

  • Strategic Supplier Partner Adoption: We engaged the supplier partners from start to finish, knowing they hold a wealth of information about the client's business practices, the local labor market, and historical experiences that can impact our mutual future success.

  • Process Optimization and Governance Structure: We conducted an in-depth analysis and optimization of existing program processes while establishing a robust governance framework. This focused on clear roles, measurable outcomes, and alignment with strategic objectives, ensuring minimal operational disruption and maximum program effectiveness.


  • Effective MSP Transition and Supplier Integration: The transition to the advanced GEN2 MSP was smooth, with the full integration of a Vendor Management System, resulting in enhanced capabilities, 96% supplier adoption, and uninterrupted program continuity.

  • Timely Implementation and Process Advancement: The MSP implementation was completed on schedule, facilitating immediate operational benefits and minimal disruption. Our strategic process improvements led to greater efficiency and optimized program performance.

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