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The number one complaint we receive is that nearly all service providers

center compliance around worker classification—just one of over

80 different Nimble Global audits.


The Nimble Global Compliance portal is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline and simplify the contingent workforce compliance process. It securely captures supplier, vendor, and worker data and provides essential visibility into compliance status to ensure that systems, processes, and partnerships meet rigorous regulatory standards.

Clients love the portal's user-friendly interface, robust security measures, and ease of managing and tracking compliance activities via customized dashboards. With comprehensive audits, real-time updates, and strategic recommendations, the portal enhances operational efficiency and mitigates risks,

fostering confidence and trust in compliance management across the supply chain.

The product roadmap is expanding.

Our compliance experts are developing our next compliance portal, a SaaS/AI product designed to revolutionize contingent workforce management (CWM) compliance.


This innovative solution will leverage advanced technologies, including

carefully selected artificial intelligence (AI) vetted partners.


Close attention to mitigating the risk of bias will provide even greater insights, automation, and control. Unlike many current CWM technologies that neglect the importance of bias monitoring, our solution will empower customers to monitor bias easily and remain compliant with

labor laws, setting a new standard in the industry for

compliance excellence and risk mitigation.

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