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ValueCast - VMS Compliance - Alex Farr, Global Chief Strategy Officer @ SparkRFx

Nimble Global

Nimble Global

Alex Farr, Global Chief Strategy Officer @ SparkRFx, Interviews David Ballew, CEO Nimble Global

You don't get value from clicking a compliance box in your VMS.

Many businesses still do not emphasize key compliance components, putting themselves at risk. But why, you may ask?

📢 Until you see the downside of non-compliance, you may not always classify something as a risk.

📢 There is still a general lack of understanding of what compliance means in relation to extended workforce management.

📢 Businesses tend to rely on internal knowledge rather than seeking external advice.

I enjoyed the latest episode of Valuecast with David Ballew. We discussed the current challenges of managing compliance in software and highlighted key fundamentals that should be examined thoroughly!

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