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Staffing Agency - Expanding Across the European Union

Nimble Global

Nimble Global



Belgium | Finland | France | Germany | Italy | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Spain | Sweden

Our client, a multi-generational established staffing brand from the Republic of Ireland, embarked on an ambitious journey to extend its reach across the European Union. Seeking to navigate the complexities of entering diverse markets, they sought our expertise for our deep knowledge and strategic insights. This case study highlights our partnership with the client, where we provided comprehensive support, including insights into jurisdictional labor laws, guidance on company entity setup, strategic marketing approaches, and steadfast assistance, all contributing to their successful expansion.


  • Strategic Expansion and Market Insight: Expand operations across multiple European countries while gaining a comprehensive understanding of regional cultural nuances, labor legislation, and tax laws.

  • Operational Setup and Market Analysis: Identify prime office locations and understand business registration requirements in each target country, complemented by a thorough market analysis to pinpoint competition and trends.


  • Comprehensive Analysis and Client Engagement: We combined thorough research on each target country's cultural dynamics, legal frameworks, and market conditions with transparent, consistent communication to ensure client involvement and informed decision-making throughout the project.

  • Customized Strategies and Agile Response: We developed bespoke strategies tailored to the client's unique requirements and the distinct characteristics of each market while maintaining flexibility to adapt swiftly to changing circumstances and challenges, including COVID-19.


  • Strategic and Dynamic Growth: Our client successfully launched offices in ten new European countries, establishing robust market presences and planning future expansion into Singapore, demonstrating resilience and strategic foresight.

  • Continuous Expansion and Market Penetration: Leveraging insights gained and our sustained support, the client not only overcame the challenges posed by the COVID-19 economic downturn but also continues to secure new business opportunities and expand into additional countries.

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