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Staffing Agency - Building an MSP Solution

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This case study showcases our role in helping a staffing agency establish and succeed with their Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution. Faced with competitive pressures from other staffing firms and MSPs, our client decided to offer its clients an MSP solution paired with a Vendor Management System (VMS). Our objective was to build a comprehensive program framework aligned with their customer base and provide additional services that delivered measurable value to both the clients and the staffing firm.


  • Establish a Comprehensive MSP Solution: Develop an MSP solution paired with a Vendor Management System (VMS) to meet the unique needs of healthcare and education clients.

  • Develop a Program Framework: Align the program framework with the current customer base and address the unique requirements of the healthcare and education industries.

  • Offer Additional Services: Create a compelling business case for clients, delivering measurable value to both the clients and the staffing firm.

  • Strengthen Market Position and Increase Revenue: Provide training to national account managers on effectively selling the MSP solution.


  • Program Framework Development: We collaborated closely with the client to develop a program framework that catered to the specific needs of healthcare and education clients. We addressed industry-specific challenges and integrated additional services to enhance the client's competitive edge.

  • Value Proposition Creation: We assisted the client in articulating a compelling business case for their MSP solution, highlighting the return on investment (ROI) and measurable value it would deliver to clients and the staffing firm. This value proposition became a powerful tool in attracting and retaining clients.

  • MSP Sales Training: We conducted comprehensive sales training for the client's national account managers. This training focused on understanding the target client profile, the benefits of the MSP solution, and the additional revenue opportunities, such as commissions, resulting from its successful implementation.

  • Ongoing Support: Throughout the implementation process, we provided continuous support to ensure the successful adoption of the MSP solution. Our team remained engaged with the client, addressing challenges and providing guidance to drive the program's success.


  • Successful MSP Solution Implementation: The client successfully established and implemented their MSP solution paired with a VMS specialized in Healthcare compliance and complex shift-working requirements.

  • Enhanced Market Position: By offering additional services and a compelling business case, the client strengthened their market position and gained a competitive edge in the healthcare and education sectors.

  • Increased Revenue Opportunities: The sales training enabled national account managers to sell the MSP solution effectively, leading to increased revenue opportunities for the staffing firm, including commissions for the sales team and additional new and organic business.

  • Long-Term Success: Our ongoing support and partnership ensured the continued success of the client's MSP solution. We remain involved, providing insights to adapt to evolving market needs.

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