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Navigating MSP Divorce - The Real Innovation Revolution: A New Paradigm

Nimble Global

Nimble Global

Join the Real Innovation Revolution for a More Sustainable Partnership

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) landscape has seen its fair share of highs and lows, with the development of outsourced MSPs and the subsequent foray into second-generation (GEN2) models. Despite these evolutions, there has been an uptick in the "divorce" rate between MSPs and their clients. The reasons are myriad, often rooted in faulty assumptions and misplaced expectations. However, the current 'workforce and technology revolution' presents an unprecedented opportunity to redefine and transform this volatile landscape.

The Real Innovation Revolution: A New Paradigm

As part of this sweeping change, a novel wave of MSP business models is emerging that uniquely combines the strengths of insourcing and outsourcing. These hybrid models offer portable capabilities that span both human expertise and cutting-edge technology. Such a level of innovation is seldom witnessed in our industry and opens up avenues for measurable success.

MSP Talent: The Gig Economy

Interestingly, experienced MSP professionals are increasingly leaning towards the gig economy, making them available as agile (a.k.a. Nimble!), on-demand resources. Their expertise could be invaluable in steering your organization through the sea of changes and innovations that contingent workforce management is currently undergoing.

The Financial Incentives: A Case for Change

A thoughtfully planned reallocation of your MSP's fee revenue can create a compelling business case for change. Imagine your organization spends $25 million with an MSP that charges a 3% vendor fee. That's a substantial $750,000 in annual fee revenue, which could well finance a dedicated resource team, Vendor Management Systems (VMS), cloud technologies, and so much more.

Unshackling from the Hype: Regain Control

For far too long, industry hype has sown doubt and clouded judgment concerning the evolution of MSP models, including shifts towards insourcing. Today, strategic industry partners are dispelling these myths. Whether your focus is regional or global, the increasing mobility of the workforce demands a comprehensive, flexible workforce strategy. And let's face it—nobody understands your organization's culture better than you and your strategic supply chain.

Strategic Shift: The Key Questions

  1. What is your definition of innovation? Clarity here is non-negotiable.

  2. When did you last witness innovation in your MSP partnership? Honesty with oneself is crucial.

  3. What gains did you make from it? Yet again, honesty prevails.

  4. What is the quantifiable Return on Investment (ROI)? Look at immediate as well as long-term scales.

  5. What future innovations are inked into your MSP's strategic roadmap?

Let’s Co-create Your Unique Path

Nimble Global, unbiased, and attuned to your unique business context, our team is ready to participate in your internal brainstorming sessions. We foster innovation, provide industry thought leadership, and guide your business case over the finish line.

So, are you ready to join the real innovation revolution and explore the new paradigms that promise not just stability, but a future flourishing in collaborative success?

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