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Managed Service Provider - Expansion from the USA to the United Kingdom

Nimble Global

Nimble Global



Our client, a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) from the United States, embarked on an ambitious expansion into the UK market. Seizing a significant opportunity to replace an incumbent provider, the MSP faced the intricate challenge of navigating an unfamiliar market landscape. Recognizing the critical need for local expertise and regulatory compliance, they engaged our consultancy services. This case study outlines our strategic role in facilitating the MSP's smooth transition into the UK market, addressing legal intricacies, and providing sustained support throughout the implementation and beyond. By offering strategic market insights, ensuring adherence to UK labor laws, and providing comprehensive support, we empowered the MSP to effectively manage market complexities, secure compliance, and achieve sustainable operational success. Our holistic approach and deep understanding of the MSP industry underlines our commitment to facilitating our clients' global growth ambitions while ensuring they maintain a competitive edge and operational excellence in new markets.


  • Regulatory Navigation and Compliance: Decode the complexities of the UK's MSP landscape, ensuring full compliance with local labor laws and market regulations.

  • Transition and Legal Diligence: Facilitate a seamless transition for the outgoing MSP (GEN1) employees to our client, the MSP (GEN2), their new employer, actively mitigating legal risks and ensuring continuity and stability for the MSP team.

  • Consulting Support: Receive ongoing leadership oversight, operational support, and team development for UK operations.


  • Strategic Market Entry and Compliance: We provided extensive market insights and compliance strategies, covering UK MSP market dynamics, competitive analysis, and adherence to labor legislation, particularly the 'Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006' and its amendment in 2014 (TUPE) regulations.

  • Comprehensive Implementation and Support: Our in-country dedicated team offered robust operational support during the implementation and transition phases, facilitating a seamless entry into the UK market and addressing emerging challenges to ensure business continuity and operational efficiency.


  • Legal Compliance and Seamless Transition: Successfully guided the MSP through implementing TUPE regulations, ensuring full legal compliance, and facilitating a smooth transition of services and personnel from the GEN1 MSP. This enabled a seamless handover of services for their Fortune 100 client, eliminating legal risks and operational disruptions.

  • Continuous Improvement and Market Competitiveness: Through our ongoing consulting support, the MSP has refined operational strategies, enhanced efficiency, and bolstered team capabilities, reinforcing its competitive stance.

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