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Winning Battles vs. The War for Talent

The MSP industry has talked the talk for years - leading clients to believe they have the answers for winning the ‘War for Talent’ – the reality is best viewed as “beating a dead hoax.” Clients and their MSP often fail to use data to win the daily battles against their talent competition… but still, live in hope to win the war. Be honest – is your organisation winning enough battles to win the war? Are you maximising technology?

Know your people.

Set aside contingent labour for a few minutes, stop, and consider the data goldmine often overlooked. Do you care enough about your employees to identify and document their skills and experience? Is your most valuable talent hiding right in front of you? Are employees in the position best suited for their skills? If not, they might leave!

Contrary to the intent of an MSP, clients must first understand the skills of their employees – one of their most valuable company assets.

It’s often missing in the development of a comprehensive labour strategy. The revolution in people analytics is leading to strategic skills-identification, empowering our clients to use data to win the daily battles and, ultimately, the big-picture “War for Talent.” Awareness is vital to winning.

Technology can now eliminate the skills knowledge gap and minimise negative turnover by increasing employee morale (REAL FEELINGS) while delivering double-digit cost savings and keeping shareholders happy.

Imagine your new world. Consider adopting the following beliefs -

  • Accept that you don’t know what you don’t know.

  • A strategy must be fluid, not static, because labour demands are a constant change.

  • Select tech-partners that deliver REAL INNOVATION proven by their product roadmap delivery and results.

  • A brand logo is not an indicator or guarantee for REAL INNOVATION.

  • Predictive modelling creates awareness leading to identifying REAL PEOPLE with the right skills.

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