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MSP Rock 'Em Sock 'Em

The Anatomy of Synergy: The Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Guide to Strengthening MSP-Vendor Relationships

To cultivate a symbiotic relationship between Managed Service Providers (MSPs), suppliers and vendors, it's essential to adopt a strategic and collaborative approach. Here, we unpack strategies that improve performance and turn challenges into opportunities, fostering resilience and mutual benefit.

Embrace the Tiered Approach: Supplier/Vendor Stratification

Consider implementing a tiered supplier/vendor structure, based on capabilities, expertise, and past performance. This system reduces counterproductive competition and aligns suppliers and vendors with roles they are best suited for, ultimately leading to a more effective and committed partnership.

Turning Data into Strategy: Workforce Analytics and Data Science

Relying on gut feeling or anecdotal evidence is a risky venture. Leveraging data science and analytics provides factual foundations for decision-making, thereby facilitating targeted improvements and tactical advancements.

Cloud-Age Recruitment: The Digital Revolution

Harness the power of cloud-based recruitment technology to optimize your recruitment processes. This digital shift can elevate efficiency, provide real-time updates, and offer access to a wider talent pool, making it a win-win for both MSPs, suppliers and vendors.

Knowledge Sharing: MSP Customer Portfolio Review

Create a knowledge hub or community where best practices and lessons learned are shared openly among MSP customers and their supply chains. This communal approach saves time, and fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Unearth Hidden Gems: VMS Technology Optimization

Vendor Management Systems (VMS) are often underutilised, with several features and functionalities lying dormant. Perform an audit to identify these hidden capabilities that can boost operational efficiency. Is the VMS relevant for your programme? There are advanced technology options that deliver VMS functionality and more.

Supplier | Vendor Conclaves: The Power of Collective Wisdom

Regular vendor conferences or forums can serve as fertile ground for constructive dialogue and innovative thinking. Here, suppliers and vendors can share their expert insights, concerns, and suggestions for improvement, making the partnership more adaptive and robust.

Beyond Boundaries: Geographical Expansion

Explore avenues for scaling the partnership beyond your current customer base. Evaluate other regions or markets where your MSP can add value. This strategy not only diversifies the portfolio but also provides a buffer during downturns.

Diversifying Skillsets: Expand the Scope

In addition to the conventional set of services, consider integrating auxiliary solutions like Statement of Work (SOW), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), or IT Project Management Office (PMO). Expanding the scope not only generates additional revenue but also enriches the relationship by providing multi-dimensional value.

By integrating these strategies, MSPs, suppliers and vendors can forge a relationship based on mutual benefit and collective growth, turning what could be a transactional interaction into a lasting partnership.


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