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Hybrid MSP Innovation

Clients call us when -

  • The MSP stops listening, innovating and delivering REAL value

  • Vendors are no longer engaged or truly committed

  • The MSP resource team is experiencing high turnover

  • The VMS is ‘outdated’, lacks REAL INNOVATION, or fails to support program expansion

  • They realise an MSP Gen2,3,4+… is not the answer nor the way forward

  • They decide to DIVORCE their MSP

In today's global market, it's time to realign expectations and know your options!

New MSP models combine the best of in & out-sourcing with the portability of the capabilities (people skills and technology).

WHAT IF you could utilise direct sourcing technology to recruit >40% of your open positions, savings thousands in staffing vendor costs? You CAN, and we can show you the data.

REAL INNOVATION creates opportunities to change thinking, strategy, and most importantly, deliver quantifiable success… what else is possible?

KNOW THIS - a strategic transfer of the MSP fee revenue back to your organisation creates a compelling business case. Consider a spend value of $25M, a 3% vendor fee for a 3-year contract = $2,250,000 fee revenue! - More than enough to finance your internal resource team, the vendor management system (VMS), direct sourcing technology partners, and much more.

Let’s be honest - What is the fee value of your MSP programme, what is the MSP’s (actual) margin, and what REAL value are you receiving?

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