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Join the Real Innovation revolution. We experienced the outsourced MSP evolution, and then many companies decided to try again with an MSP 2nd generation (GEN2). We understand many assumptions were faulty and failed because MSP/Client divorce rates continue to rise with velocity. Our world is experiencing a ‘workforce and technology revolution’, enabling transformational MSP change!

Join the REAL innovation revolution!

New MSP business models are emerging and combining the best of in & outsourcing with the portability of capabilities(people skills and technology) rarely experienced in the history of our industry.

Real innovation creates opportunities to change our thinking and strategy and, most importantly, deliver quantifiable success. Remember - the “War for Talent” is real. Experienced MSP resources are joining the gig economy at record rates and are available to help you navigate the MSP innovation revolution.

A judicious transfer of the MSP provider’s fee revenue back to your organisation creates a compelling business case. Consider a spend value of $25M and a 3% vendor fee = $750K ANNUAL fee revenue - MORE THAN enough to finance your resource team, the vendor management system (VMS), cloud and other technologies; and so much more!

Getting the most from your divorce

For years, the MSP industry ‘hoopla’ (a.k.a. HYPE) has prejudiced sales messaging by creating significant doubt against changing the MSP model, including variations of insourcing. Today, strategic industry partners minimise, if not eliminate, the ‘hoopla.’ Whether regional or global, the mobile workforce is driving the requirement to move forward with a comprehensive workforce strategy. You can successfully achieve this by keeping control – nobody knows your culture better than you!

Ask direct questions and get real answers

  • What is your definition of innovation? Clarity is critical.

  • When did you last experience innovation? Please be honest with yourself!

  • What did you get? Again, please be honest with yourself!

  • What is the quantifiable ROI? This month, quarter, year, since program start

  • What innovation is scheduled in your MSP strategic roadmap? You do have an MSP strategic roadmap – right?

What next?

Nimble, without prejudice, understand your business is unique. Our team is available to join your internal discussions and drive creative thinking, industry thought leadership, and guide your business case to approval. Ready to get started?

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