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Audit Results: Fact or Fiction

What were the recent independent third-party compliance audit results of your MSP provider and vendor network?

Few MSP providers indeed utilise independent third-party auditors. If not, why not?

Are your audit results fact or fiction?

Why is it important?

Programme Governance, Risk Mitigation, and Market Credibility.

It's essential for Clients

Passing an audit is confirmation that your MSP partner is best-in-class. There are three types of audits - certification, surveillance, and re-certification. Remember to always require independent third-party audits as part of your master service agreement with your MSP. Our team is an extension of the client's quality management methodology to ensure a seamless and consistent audit approach.

It's essential for MSP Providers

A rigorous and successful third-party audit creates market credibility and increases client confidence. Remember to always include independent third-party audits as a sales and service market differentiator, strengthening your market credibility.

What's required?

A successful audit requires access to data, visibility of commercials, and reasonable cooperation of all parties. Refining requirements are part of the project discovery and dependent on the size and scope of your program. Our auditors understand the industry and audit methodology to ensure your success.

What next?

Ask your MSP for audit results, get real answers, and then schedule a complimentary discovery session with us.

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