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Talent: Employee vs. Non-employee

Employee talent data is a gold mine. Creating a foundation for total talent management can only begin with a clear understanding of your employee assets (REAL PEOPLE) and their skills.

50% of CEOs say their organisations currently use data analytics to find and keep the right people.

Using innovative technology, Nimble identifies hidden employee talent in under 30 seconds! What’s better? A one (1) day tech implementation and 5 – 10-day employee self-registration. Truth.

We don’t know what we don’t know. Yet, many companies recruit non-employee workers when they have qualified employees, perhaps looking to make a change, or leaving the company because they are not considered for positions or known to have the required skills.

Let’s change how we treat employees (REAL FEELINGS) and celebrate our people, talents, and positive impact for them and the company!

Employee talent visibility is a win/win opportunity for both employee/employer.

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