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CALL US BEFORE spending time, money, and energy on the renewal of your MSP contract.

We provide an objective third party, MSP HEALTH CHECK, to ensure an authentic understanding of the MSP’s current state.

WHY? A national or global MSP is often fragmented. A client must consider the reality of the MSP “ethics wall” (the historical and culturally insensitive – ‘Chinese wall’). Regardless of market brand separation, an MSP with a staffing entity sometimes struggles with conflicting internal priorities at the expense of the client and vendors. Moreover, we know that decisions influenced by industry publications and ‘awards-for-pay’ do an injustice to the MSP industry, vendors, and clients.

Do you know where your company falls on the MSP’s long list of clients expecting and thinking they are No. 1 in the ‘pecking order?’ Remember, a broad portfolio of familiar client logos is not always a sign of MSP success or good business practice. Sometimes it’s the MSP logo you don’t know that is more attentive; some might say more committed to your best interest… alternatively, another option is sometimes the best decision – a hybrid or in-sourced MSP business model.

The world has changed. Labour has changed. Technology has changed.

We must change!

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