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MSP Contract Renewal

Ten essential considerations when renewing your MSP contract:

  1. Times have changed. Labour has changed. Technology has changed.

  2. A national or global MSP provider will often have fragmented operations, causing severe long-term management and supply chain challenges.

  3. Consider engaging a single VMS with multiple regional or local MSP providers who already hold local solid relationships and understand your business.

  4. Question the “ethics wall” between the MSP and any parent company staffing entity. You might find a few missing bricks! Look closely.

  5. An MSP with a staffing entity participating as a supplier often struggles with conflicting internal financial priorities at the expense of the client and suppliers.

  6. Contract decisions influenced by industry “awards-for-pay” do an injustice to the MSP industry, suppliers, and clients. Question everything!

  7. Clients like to think they are No. 1 – but the reality for most is they are No.1 until the MSP wins their next new client.

  8. Beware of the MSP that allocates (the ‘hula dance shuffle’) your MSP resources to assist with another client’s implementation or program management. The MSP’s internal cost avoidance (a.k.a. an attempt at efficiencies) shouldn’t become your problem!

  9. Sometimes the MSP logo you don’t know is more attentive and more committed to your genuine best interest.

  10. Do the maths - Imagine the MSP fee as a YOY revenue source. Yes, you can - Implement a hybrid or in-sourced MSP business.

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